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Steven "Melt Solder" Weberさん(KD1JV)のサイトによると、Weberさんが開発・頒布を行っている、Altoids缶に納まるサイズのプラグインモジュール式マルチバンドCWトランシーバーキット「ATS-3B」(写真)が、リリースされているようです。


・3.1" x 2.2" board fits into standard Altoids tin.
・Main board + one filter board weighs 1 ounce
・80/40/30/20/17/20 meter operation using plug in filter modules (supplied)
・AD9834 DDS VFO for rock solid frequency stability
・Sensitive 0.2 uV superheterodyne receiver
・Double tuned receiver input filter for excellent image and out of band signal rejection
・Four crystal IF filter and 600 Hz audio filter provide excellent CW selectivity and opposite sideband rejection
・Audio AGC and limiting eliminates need for volume control.
・Simple four push button, multi-function switches operate the rig.
・RIT/XIT split modes
・Unique "Direct Frequency Entry" using the paddle allows moving directly to any frequency in the band.
・Single digit seven segment LED display for frequency readout and visual feedback, in addition to Morse annunciations.
・Built in 5 to 35 wpm Iambic keyer, selectable A or B mode operation
・Three keyer memories, up to 124 character total.
・Reverse paddle sense option
・Alternative "Stealth" paddle option allow use of tuning switches as paddles - saves additional weight by not needing an external paddle or use in emergency when external paddle or cable breaks!
・2.5 watt power output with 9 volt supply, over 4 watts with 12 volt supply - on all bands. Typical PA efficiency is over 70%
・Modest 35 ma receive current for long battery life.
・Operates down to 5.5 votes and transmitter still puts out usable power - 800 mw!